Harbin Engineering University Library warmly encourages teachers and students,  alumni, community organizations and groups to donate books, periodicals and  other types of literature resources to enrich the library's collections. The  library will carefully select items to incorporate into the current collection,  taking in to account the condition of the donation and the needs of the library.  Selected resources will become the property of Harbin Engineering University.  They will be incorporated into the database of library resources, retrievable by  search engine, to ensure their effective storage, use and application. To show  its gratitude and to encourage further donations, the library will issue a  donation certificate and establish a list of donors.
                            Criteria  for selected literature resources
                            1. Suitable for university library.  Official publications, domestic and foreign.
                            2. No copy, or insufficient  copies, of the item held by the library.
                            3. Item is complete and intact  without lines, annotations and notes (except that it is the only existing copy  or the notes are written by a celebrity).
                            4. Item does not include any  political, legal or anti- scientific element.
                            Ways of Donation
                            1. In  person - go to the library: the Department of Resources Construction of Harbin  Engineering University Library (Room 213 on the second floor).
                            2. By  mail
                            the  Department of Resources Construction of Harbin Engineering University  Library,145 Nantong  Street, Nangang District, Harbin 
                            Postal Code: 150001
                            3. Onsite Service:  If the donation is too large to carry by yourself, please contact the Department  of Resources Construction of Harbin Engineering University Library, we will  arrange on-site service.
                            The Department of Resources  Construction of Harbin Engineering University Library
                            Tel:  0451-82519559
                            E-mail: heu_chensg@yahoo.com.cn