Document Delivery

                            1. What is Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan  service?

                            Document Delivery is a library service which provides readers with  articles and book chapters. For readers from HEU, the library provides them with  documents held outside the HEU library. For readers outside HEU, the library  provides them with documents held in the HEU library.

                            Interlibrary Loan is a library book-sharing service based on the  lending mechanism between libraries. 

                            2. Which institutions share Document Delivery service with HEU?  

                            At present, HEU shares Document Delivery service with the following  institutions: China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS), National  Science and Technology Library (NSTL), China Academic Social Sciences and  Humanities Library (CASHL), the National Library, Shanghai Library Institute of  Science and Technology, Tsinghua University Library, China Defense Science and  Technology Information Center, China Nuclear Science and Technology Information  and Economic Research Institute, China Ship Information Center, Aviation  Industry Corporation of China, No.628 Institute, Heilongjiang Institute of  Standardization and the Patent Archives of State Intellectual Property Office.  

                            3. How should I apply for a Document Delivery  service?

                            Before submitting an application, the applicants should search  carefully the library resources (including electronic ones) to make sure that  what they need is indeed unavailable in the HEU library. There are three ways to  submit an application:

                            (1) By email: Applicants can send their applications to Please also include in  the email your HEU ID number and contact number. 

                            (2) By CALIS Document Delivery System: Applicants can  first log in to the CALIS System through, and  then submit their applications after theyve found the desired resources. Please refer to  Annex: Instructions of the CALIS System for a detailed guide.  

                            (3) By Document Delivery Request Form: Applicants can download and  complete the Document Delivery Request Form and submit it to the reference desk  on the 2nd floor of the library. They can also give the form to a  document courier person.

                            4. What is the fee for Document Delivery service? How soon can I  expect my article?

                            The HEU library offers free Document Delivery service to HEU  students, faculty and staff except for special documents. Please refer to  Annex: Subsidy standards for Document Delivery Service. For readers outside  HEU, if they apply through the CALIS system, they are charged according to the  CALIS standard; if they apply through other ways, they are charged by 0.5  yuan/page.

                            For applicants from HEU, the library will submit their applications  on the day when they apply. The time of offering the articles depends on the  institutions providing them. For applicants outside HEU, the library will  provide them with the articles in 2-3 business days.

                            5. What are the requirements and limitations of applying the Document  Delivery service?

                            (1) Applicants should make sure that what they need is not held in  the HEU library.

                            (2) Applicants should comply with the Copyright Agreement and  Copyright Act when they are using documents through the Document Delivery  service. The documents are for research and learning purposes only, and should  not be used for any commercial purposes. If the use of documents is beyond the  range of “appropriate use”, the applicants will be held responsible for any  copyright infringement behaviors.

                            (3) The library staff has the right to  verify the applicants  requests. If the subjects of the documents requested are beyond those offered by  HEU, the library has the right to reject the request.