Information Literacy Education

                            1.  Courses
                            The Library offers a range of high quality courses on information  research and utilization. Scientific Research Information Acquisition and  Utilization Course is aimed at art, human sciences and technological science  graduates. Information Research Courses A and B are aimed at undergraduates.  Course A is compulsory for students in the College of Humanities and the College  of Marxism. Course B is a public elective course available to all  undergraduates.
                            2. Reader Training
                            (1) Regular training
                            Regular  training sessions are held in the Library every semester. The sessions aim to  help teachers and students to use print and electronic library resources to  retrieve information relevant to their research.
                            (2) Freshmen Training  
                            Freshmen Training is held at a fixed time each fall, after freshmen''s  enrollment. The training covers all aspects of library use, including library  layout, location of resources, book borrowing procedures, library services and  library regulations. Our goal is to help freshmen to get to know the library and  to learn how to use it effectively as quickly as possible.
                            (3) Specialized  training for Departments
                            The Library offers specialized training sessions to  meet the individual needs of teachers, researchers and students in all  faculties. Sessions can be held regularly or irregularly and cover information  literacy, the inquiry learning process and the use of professional information.  Sessions are offered at different levels and include subject specific training  for faculties and research teams.
                            (4) Online training
                            There are regular  training sessions on how to use library databases. Readers can choose online  lectures as needed.
                            Contact: Huang Yanjuan Tel: 82519545
                            Department of  Discipline Services (616 on the sixth floor)